Easy & Cheap Self-employment in Sweden

Unify is a brand new selfemployment service for Swedish citizens. With a modern look, low costs and the possibilty to start invoicing after a BankID sign it has never been easier to send invoices without a company for swedes.

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Send Invoices Without a Company at Unify.se

If you're looking to find the best self-employment service in Sweden, look no further! Unify is a new and better service compared to the oldies in the niche. With a new clean design, easier user interface and also at a lower cost we expect Unify to blow the competition away.

Working as self-employed in Sweden

In Sweden more and more people are looking to work for themselves. This has never been easier than it is now, with the option to work as self-employed you can now run a business of your own without having to deal with all the mind-numbing paperwork. At Unify you can send invoices to your clients and get the salary paid out taxed and ready to go.

About Unify

Unify noticed that there were room for lots of improvements in the self-employment niche in Sweden and decided to start their own company for self-employment to let Swedes invoice without a company, easier & cheaper. The service can be used by almost any Swedish citizen that has an digital ID from their bank. It has never been easier, you should try it out!